The Nixon Years

Explain or Identify:

Vietnamization (pg.748)


silent majority


My Lai Massacre (pg.748)


Lt. William Calley


The Pentagon Papers


Henry Kissinger (pg.750)


Khymer Rouge


The War Powers Resolution of 1973




Haight-Ashbury (pg.774)




"Tune in, turn on, drop out" (pg.773)


26th amendment (pg.789)


detente (pg.791)


SALT 1 Treaty (pg.792)



Why did Nixon order the invasion of Cambodia ? (pg.749)



How might the release of the Pentagon Papers have hurt the Nixon administration's war effort in Vietnam ? (pgs.749-750)




 In what way did the Vietnam War alter American attitudes ? (pg.753)




Referring to the graph on page 769: For each year shown, (a) what percentage of women were in the labor force and (b) what percentage of men's income did women make ?

1950 -

1970 -

1993 -


What concerns motivated those who opposed the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) ? (pg.772)




What was the counterculture ("Hippie") movement's "American dream" ? (pg.774)




What events hastened the decline of the counterculture movement ? (pgs.774-775)




What impact did the counterculture have on mainstream America ? (pg.776)




What role did the counterculture and anti-war movement play in helping Nixon win the presidency in 1968 ? (pg.777)




What was the goal of Nixon's New Federalism ? (pg.786)




Why had many Democratic voters in the South become potential Republican supporters by 1968 ? (pg.778)




What was Nixon's Southern strategy and how did he implement it ? (pg.789)




What factors brought on the country's economic problems in the late 1960' and early 1970's ? (pg.790)




Why was the timing of Nixon's foreign policy achievements particularily important ? (pgs.791-792)