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The Lost Peace


1. Explain the three main themes of President Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points. (pg.417)







2. Why did the European leaders (Lloyd-George, Clemenceau, Orlando) not support the Fourteen Points ? (pg.418)




3. Explain the three basic weaknesses of the Treaty of Versailles which eventually led to World War II. (pgs.418-419)










4. What did the supporters and opponents of the League of Nations propose as a means to secure peace ? (pg.419)

a. supporters


b. opponents


5. Summarize the main reasons America's membership in the League of Nations was not ratified by the U.S. Senate. (pg.420)




6. What steps could President Wilson have taken to gain the Senate's approval of the Treaty of Versailles ? (pg.420)





7. What did General Pershing mean when he said, "It will have to be done all over again" ? (pg.421)





8. Explain the specific circumstances which drove the Germans to search for scapegoats and follow Adolf Hitler in his militaristic adventures leading toWorld War II. (pg.421)





9. What "new" nations were created at Versailles ? Which of these nations were created from territory that once belonged to Germany?





reparations (pg.418)



war guilt clause (pg.418)



Ho Chi Minh (pg.419)



Henry Cabot Lodge (pg.420)



"Lodge Reservations" (pg.420)





The European allies rejected Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points and drew up their own provisions in the Treaty of Versailles. At home, the Senate voted down U.S. membership in the League of Nations.

The U.S. emerged from the war as a world military and economic power yet most Americans did not want any involvement whatsoever in world affairs. America's return to isolationism and its refusal to accept the leadership role to which it had been thrust doomed the League of Nations. The failure of the League and the injustices of the Treaty of Versailles sowed the seeds of World War II.