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Kennedy and the Cold War

1. What were two obstacles faced by John Kennedy in his campaign for the presidency in 1960 ? (pg.671)



2. Regarding the 1960 Nixon-Kennedy television debate: "That night, image replaced the printed word as the natural language of politics" (explain) (pg.671)



3. Why did Kennedy authorize the Bay of Pigs invasion ? (pg.673)



4. What were the consequences of the failed invasion for the JFK and American prestige ?



5. How was it resolved ?



6. What caused the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 ?



7. What effect did the crisis have on the reputations of Nikita Khruschev and Kennedy ?



8. Why did Khrushchev order the construction of the Berlin Wall in 1961 ?




flexible response

Fidel Castro

hot line

Limited Test Ban Treaty


The New Frontier

9. What factors might explain the public's fascination with the Kennedy's as a family ? (pg.678)



10. Why did Kennedy encounter such difficulty fulfilling his New Frontier proposals ? (pgs.678-679)



11. What is the main reason reason Kennedy committed the country to landing a man on the moon before the end of the decade ?



12. What was the conclusion of Warren Commission ? (pg.682)



13.Why did the Warren Commission's report cause such controversy ? (pg.682)




Alan Shepard (pg.677)

Peace Corps (pg.679)

Alliance for Progress (pg.679)

Yuri Gargarin (pg.680)

NASA (pg.680)

John Glenn(pg.680)

Neil Armstrong (pg.680)