ACTIVITY 1:  Identify;

1.  the President

2.  Vice-President

3.  California's two United States Senators ? (name and party)

4.  your congressional district and your Representative in the U.S. House 
    of Representatives ? (number, name and party)
5.  the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court.

6.  the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives.

7.  the United States Secretary of State.

8.  the Governor of California.

9.  the Mayor of San Jose.

10. the 3 branches of the United States Government.

11. any 10 departments represented in the President's Cabinet.

12. a presidential veto ?

13. the 2 houses of Congress.

14. 3 levels of United States Federal Courts.

15. what is an amendment ?

16. what the first ten amendments to the Constitution are called.

17. how old a citizen must be to vote ?

18. federalism. 

19. who represents your district in the California State Assembly ? (name and party)

20. who represents you in the California State Senate ? (name and party)

21. five U.S. political parties.

22. the symbols of the Democratic and Republican parties.

23. the local headquarters of the Democratic and Republican parties.

24. "hard" money ?  

25. "soft" money ?


Identify the federal, state, county or city agency you

would contact in order to help solve the problems listed below.


Internal Revenue Service

Post Office

Social Security Administration


Department of Motor Vehicles

Environmental Protection Agency


Registrar of Voters

Department of Human Services

Board of Education


Police Department

Fire Department

Tax Assessor

1.Your parents have added a room to your home and want to

  protest an increase in their property tax.

2.You have moved to a new town and need to enroll in


3.Your brother has reached driving age and wants to apply

  for a driver's license.

4.Your mother wants to know if she can deduct the cost of

  home insulation from her income tax.

5.You have obtained your first job and need a social

  security number.

6.You need advice about how to dispose of flammable


7.Your new bicycle is stolen.

8.Heavy smoke and fumes from a chemical factory are

  polluting your neighborhood.

9.You have moved and need to have your mail forwarded to

  your new address.

10.Your sister has turned 18 and wants to register to


11.Your friend has home and family problems and wants some