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Learning history doesn't have to be all about reading textbooks and watching drab documentaries.
Here at ActiveHistory, interactive games add a completely new dimension to your history studies!

harold_mini.jpg (2464 bytes) The Battle for the throne: 1066
A role play game as King Harold - will you survive the challenges to your throne?
timemachmini.jpg (3041 bytes) Time Machine journey to the Middle Ages!
Explore a medieval town and village trying to find the missing pieces of your time machine!
henry_mini.jpg (2585 bytes) Have a one-to-one with King Henry VII!
A unique opportunity to have a chat with the great man himself!
ci_mini.jpg (2694 bytes) Don't lose your head!
A decision making game as King Charles I - can you avoid dragging England into a Civil War?
womanworkermini.jpg (2850 bytes) A Victorian Entrepreneur?
Do you have what it takes to succeed in the tough world of Victorian business?
streseman_mini.jpg (2500 bytes) Can you save the Weimar Republic?
How would you have handled the trials and tribulations of post-war Germany?
fatcat_mini.jpg (3187 bytes) Can you survive the Wall Street Crash?
Play the stock market and see if you make your fortune!
league_mini.jpg (2319 bytes) How would you have run the League of Nations?
Be in role as an ambitious civil servant on the make!
Fling the Teacher!
Answer 15 questions correctly on your chosen topic and send the teacher hurtling to his doom!
James Spod - Secret Agent!
Learn about Nazi Germany whilst on a mission to eliminate the evil dictator Adolf Hitler!