The purpose of this activity is to fine-tune your political insight by giving you an opportunity to analyze and evaluate the top political news stories as they emerge throughout the semester. Each week you will prepare three 5 x 8 index cards based on (but not limited to) the suggested issues listed in (D). I will check off the cards each Friday and they are to be turned in for a grade at the end of each 6-week grading period.

On each card you will write:

(A) the topic (headline)

(B) the source and date

(C) a brief summary of the content of the story

(D) Explain what specific aspect of national politics is illustrated by the article (ex. the presidency, congress, regulatory policies, Supreme Court rulings, political parties, voting patterns, freedom versus order, the role of money in politics, constraints on individual behaviour, foreign policy, economic policy, domestic policy, military issues, immigration, demographic changes, taxes, issues involving federalism, the influence of the media, the increased/decreased power or influence of any particular institution or interest group).


Recommended Sources :

1) Local newspapers and national papers such as the Washington Post, NY Times, etc..(check "News Sources" on the class website).

2) Magazines such as Time, Newsweek, The Economist, The Village Voice, The New Republic, The National Review, Mother Jones, etc..

3) Political talk shows such as "Hardball" , "The Capital Gang", "Meet the Press", "Crossfire", Tim Russert, "The O'Reilly Factor", "Inside Politics", "The McLaughlin Report", etc.).