Hardball - Chapter 1

"It's Not Who You Know; It's Who You Get to Know"

Define or explain, and give an example to illustrate each of the following:

Retail politics



Wholesale politics



Dodge Hotel bathroom



"...we're all friends after six o'clock" (pg.37)



access (pgs.38-41)



patronage (pg.39)



The "Cloakroom" (pgs.24-25)



Explain why Lyndon Baines Johnson, a man with no apparent public charm and crude personal habits, was able to surpass dozens of more appealing politicians and rise to the top so quickly.








What were the main elements of the "Johnson treatment" ? (pg.30)






Presidents Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan were both elected running against "Washington". Explain why Carter failed so miserably, and Reagan succeeded so brilliantly, in achieving their presidential goals.