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Win One for the Gipper

Explain or Identify:

entitlement programs (pg.819)


reverse discrimination


William F. Buckley Jr. (pg.819)


Sandra Day O'Connor (pg.824)


William Rehnquist


Walter Mondale (pg.826)


Geraldine Ferraro (pg.826)


Michael Dukakis (pg.826)


"Read my lips, no new taxes" (pg.826)


HIV/AIDS (pg.827)



1.What main concerns did conservatives have in common in the early 1980's ?



2. What was the conservative coalition in 1980 ? (pg.820)



3. What were the main goals of the Moral Majority ? (pg.820)



4. What were the main elements of "Reaganomics" (supply-side economics) ? (pg.823)




5. What were two negative aspects of deregulation during the Reagan and Bush years ? (pg.823)





6. The bailout resulting from the Savings and Loan crisis cost the American taxpayers twice the cost of the Vietnam War, four times the cost of the Korean War, plus the cost of the Marshall Plan which rebuilt Europe after WWII. What caused this crisis ? (pg.825)




7.What was the main issue in the Anita Hill - Clarence Thomas controversy ? (pg.824)




8. Which four groups comprised the conservative coalition supporting Reagan in 1984 ? (pg.826)