PBS Frontline Video


1. Who is the "banana guy" sitting near President Clinton ?


2. Why does the President know the banana guy ?

3. What did the banana guy want from the government and how did he get it ?

4. How did the issue of bananas get into the congressional budget debate ?

5. Who's phone messages does a member of Congress usually respond to ?

6. Why did the White House make economic threats against Colombia and Costa Rica ?


7. What has been the historic link between people of wealth and the political system ?


8.What does support mean ?


9. Who did Duane Andreas contribute to when he first started to "support" politicians ?


10.What is the rule regarding how much ya person can contribute directly to a candidate?

11. What are some of the ways lobbyists can contribute soft money to a politician ?

12. Why do they Duane Andreas the "$400,000 man" ?

13. Approximately how much money do you need to raise in order to make a serious run for the presidency ?

14. How many hours a day does a presidential candidate need to spend on fundraising ?

15. What were some of the ways a donor could contribute to Bob Dole ?


16. Who were Bob Dole's top four lifetime contributors ?





17. Who are Ernest, Julio, and Joseph Gallo ?

18. What did they want and what techniques did Ernest use to "pursuade" politicians ?

19. How did Ernest and Julio treat brother Joseph ?


20. Who did the Gallo's contribute to in order to lower their inheritance taxes ?

21. Who were the biggest recipients of Gallo money ?


22. How much did they contribute to Bob Dole ?


23. How much did the Gallo's save in relation to the amount of "support" they contributed ?


24. What is the method used by contributors to avoid being directly linked to the candidate ?


25. How can a contributor hide money ?


26. How does Duane Andreas "service" his clients ?

27. What are Gulf Streams and how are they used to influence candidates ?

28. How much does it cost to operate Air Force One and how much does the President pay ?


29. How can the wives of presidential candidates benefit from contributions ?

30. What does Chuck Lewis mean when he refers to the presidential campaign as an auction ?


31. Who are President Clinton's top five lifetime contributors ?






32. How did campaign finance reform in the '70's force candidates to spend more time raising money ?

33. How much money did Clinton raise each day during the '96 campaign ?

34. What is the market promotiom program ?

35. How did president Clinton help the Gallo's ?

36. What is T.J. Roger's attitude towards government ?

37. How did the Clinton campaign try to squeeze money out of Silicon Valley (ex. T.J. Rogers ) ?

38. How much money did he raise here ?

39. What was the conflict between Vice President Gore and the Silicon Valley CEO's ?

40. How did Clinton give the Valley access to the White House ?

41. Why did Vice President Gore suddenly "change his mind" regarding the role of the federal government in the funding and building of the internet ?

42.What is the menu ?
43. What is a trade mission and how are the participants chosen ?

44. What is the main argument against trade missions ?

45. How is it determined who gets the "good" seats on a trade mission flight ?


46. Where does the smart money go?

47. Why is it so difficult for Congress to bring about campaign finance reform ?