The Ford and Carter Years

Identify or Explain:

"Whip Inflation Now" (pg.800)



The Mayaguez Incident (pg.801)



Regents of the University of California v. Bakke (pg.804)



Helsinki Accords



Camp David Accords (pg.806)



Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini (pg.807)



Earth Day (pg.809)



Environmental Protection Agency (pg.810)



1. What explanation did President Ford give for "pardoning" Nixon ?




2. What factors played a significant role in Jimmy Carter's election ?




3. How did Carter's National Energy Act help ease America's energy crisis ? (pg.803)




4. What key factors led to Carter's defeat in 1980 ? (pg.803)




5. What factors played a role in America's economic stagnation ? (pg.804)




6. What principles guided Jimmy Carter's foreign policy ? (pg.805)




7. What factors led to the collapse of detent with the Soviet Union? (pg.805)




 8. How did the Three Mile Island incident affect the use of nuclear power in America ? (pg.811-812)