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Video - America's Political Parties


What is the "Kennedy connection" ?


In what ways was Lyndon Johnson's Great Society an example of liberalism ?


What were the main goals of the Great Society ?


What was the greatest achievement of the Great Society ?


What label did the Democrats give to Barry Goldwater in 1964?

How did each of the following help to tear the Democratic Party apart in the 1960's ?

a) the anti-war movement


b) the Vietnam war


What issues did George Wallace use to tap into "white backlash" ?


How did Eugene McCarthy help to topple LBJ in 1968 ?


Why was Robert Kennedy seen as an "opportunist" ?

How did Mayor Daley's police respond to the anti-war demonstrators at the 1968 Chicago convention ?


How did Democratic radicals treat Hubert Humphrey during the 1968 presidential campaign ?


How were the Republicans able to take advantage of the Democrats' problems in the early 1970's ?


How did "cause movements" enable George McGovern to win the 1972 Democratic party nomination ?


How did the McGovern supporters deal with Mayor Daley at the Democratic Convention ?


How did the "cause movements" hurt McGovern in the general election ? (Jackson, war protestors, gay activists)


How were the Republicans able to exploit the Democrats' ultra-liberal image in 1972 ?


What were Jimmy Carter's political and personal assets in 1976 ?


How was Carter able to unify the Democratic party ?


How was Carter's presidency able to upset both conservatives and liberals with regard to?

a) social issues

b) foreign policy

c) issues involvong the "little guy"


How did Ted Kennedy hurt Carter in 1980 ?


What were the Democratic factions in the early 1980's ?


How did Jesse Jackson hurt Walter Mondale's campaign in 1984 ?


Why did Mondale choose Geraldine Ferraro as his running mate ?

Why did this lead to a "special interest" charge ?

How did Mondale's "tax pledge" hurt the Democrats' party image in 1984 ?


What is the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) ?

How were the Republicans able to attract "Reagan Democrats" in 1984 ?


What knocked Gary Hart out of the race in 1988 ?

What were Michael Dukakis' biggest weaknesses in 1988 ?


Why did the "big name" Democrats decide not to run in 1992 ?


Why was George Bush unable to retain his extraordinarily high public approval rating ?


Why did Democratic candidates "beat up" on their own party in 1992 ?

What were three key sentiments which helped Ross Perot in 1992 ?




In what ways did Bill Clinton sound both (a)liberal and (b)conservative in 1992 ?





How did Clinton solve his "Jackson problem" ?


What is the purpose of the party platform ?