One of the primary purposes of a U.S. Government and Politics course is to enable you to be an informed, ethical, citizen and a constructive member of your community. It is for that reason a key requirement for the class involves the completion of a community service activity which gives you the opportunity to work with people you would not normally come into contact with. (Activities currently being performed for credit with Key Club, Interract, Eagle Scout, or tutoring not connected with a school or organization, do not count toward this project).

At rhe end of each of the first two grading periods you will submit, in a folder;

1) a time log of your activities signed by your supervisor (5 hours minimum)

2) at least one photograph or video of you performing your activity

3) a brief (1/2 page) description of your activities

At the end of the semester you will also submit, in the same folder,

a) a table of contents

b) an explanation of how you feel your service benefitted the community at large, or an individual in particular

c) an explanation of how the experience affected you

Obviously, you need to be participating in the activity during the semester you are taking the course ....(in other words, last summer or last semester doesn't count, sorry !). Be sure to include all the elements listed above.


VOLUNTEER EXCHANGE, YMCA, Our City Forest, Salvation Army, food banks, shelters of various types, missing persons agencies, counseling, parks and recreational improvement, rehabilitation, nursing homes, hospitals, etc..

Please see me (or Mr. Hanford) for additional suggestions.