The Clinton Presidency

Identify or explain:

Hillary Rodham Clinton (pg.848)


Ross Perot (pg.847)


NAFTA (pgs.848)


Contract with America (pg.849)


Newt Gingrich (see key players pg.850)


Bob Dole (pg.851)


Alan Greenspan (pg.854)


downsizing (pg.854)


Bill Gates (pg.856)


GATT (pg.856)


WTO (pg.856)


information superhighway (pg.860)



1. How was President Clinton able to reverse his declining political fortunes in the mid-90' (see key players pg.850)



2. Why do politicians find it difficult to cut entitlement programs ? (pg.848)



3. How did the change from an industrial economy to a service economy affect Americans'economic security ? (pg.854)



4. What are the biggest differences bettween today's immigrants to the U.S. with the immigrants of 1900 ? (pg.869)



5. Which four states received the greatest number of immigrants in the mid-90's ? (pg.869)



6. What are some of the main effects of NAFTA and GATT on American workers and business ? (pg.857)