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Civil War and Reconstruction

Why did California's application for statehood cause a flare-up between tne North and South ? (pg.165)




Explain how the Underground Railroad operated.(pg.166)




Explain why popular soverignty was so controversial.(pg.168)




What parts of the Constitution did the Supreme Court use to uphold slavery in the Dred Scott decision ? (pg.170)




What were the strengths of the North and South at the beginning of he war ? (pg.176)

North -


South -


Why did both the Union and Confederacy worry about British neutrality ?



Why was the Battle of Gettysburg a disaster for the South ?



How did the views of Presidents Lincoln and Johnson differ from the views of the Radical Republicans regarding Reconstruction? (pg.193-194)



What was the main provision of each of the following ? (pg.194)

Freedman's Bureau Acts (1865-66)

Civil Rights Act of 1866

Reconstruction Act of 1867

Enfocement act of 1870

Civil Rights Act of 1875


Describe the main post-war problems that Reconstruction governments in the South had to solve. (pg.195)





Explain or identify:

Harriet Tubman (pg.166-167)


Harriet Beecher Stowe (pg.167)


Lincoln-Douglas Debates (pg.171)


Jefferson Davis (pg.179)


Fort Sumter (pg.176)


Bull Run (pg.177)


Stonewall Jackson


Ulysses S. Grant


Robert E. Lee


Antietam (pg.178)


Emancipation Proclamation (pg.179)


conscription (pg.180)


Clara Barton (pg.183)


Gettysburg Address (pg.186)


Appomattox (pg.189)


Fourteenth Amendment (pg.193)


Fifteenth Amendment (pg.194)