CHAPTER 1- Freedom, Order, or Equality


1. What is the "textbook" definition of government ? (pg.5)



2. English philosopher Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679) believed that preserving life was the most important function of government. What was his description of life in a "state of nature" (without government)? (pg.5)




3. Describe the type of government Hobbes felt would be best able to deal with this "state of nature" ?



4. According to John locke, what was the basic objective of government ? (pg.6)



5. Explain how John Locke's ideas formed the basis of the American Declaration of Independence, particularly with regard to a person's "natural rights" ?




6. Explain the difference between:

freedom to -



freedom from -



7. Explain the difference between; (pg.14)

equality of opportunity -



equality of outcome -



8. Describe the main characteristics of each of the following political ideologies.

totalitarian -




libertarian -




liberal -




conservative -