POL 461


Wm McLauchlan

 The purpose of this page is to provide students in this course with a variety of links that should permit easy access to important materials for the course. These links may be self-explanatory, but they can be used to get to more detailed information about this course and related materials. This site will be updated when that is appropriate and students should consult this page and the relevant links regularly or when an announcement is made in class.

 The Syllabus for the course is available so that students who misplace their hard copy or need to consult that syllabus while it is not readily available to them can get access to the course outline.

 It is obvious that Announcements and Assignments will be regularly updated and should be consulted by students for purposes of getting those assignments and due dates.

 The MidTerm and Final Examination links are also obviously related to course requirements. The availability of these items will be announced in class.

The class project is also linked to this page. This relates to the preparation of a legal memorandum that treats a specfici legal question. The project will be based on legal research and analysis.

There is an extensive document on Writing in this course, and it contains a number of useful links to various websites that will benefit students as they develop their writnig skills here.

 Research Links are to websites and other items that students should consult regularly